Luigi's Mansion 64

Luigi's Mansion 64 -

Luigi's Mansion 64 is a ROM hack made by Mariocrash and Me-me. It was released around 2015, and contains 111 Stars (renamed Starlings). The game uses the same levels as Super Mario 64, although they are highly modified. The overworld layout is also mostly the same but the levels are shuffled around quite a bit. This means that the game will feel very familiar to fans of the original. The only level from SM64 not to make an appearance in this hack is Snowman's Land. Princess Toadstool sends Luigi to come to her castle to save from King Boo. When Luigi arrives, he meets the Lakitu Bros., whom are filming Luigi. They go inside the haunted mansion and hear a familiar voice telling him not to belong to the mansion. Toad informs him that King Boo and his henchmen invaded the castle and has kidnapped the princess and is holding everyone hostage inside the mansion walls. He has also stolen the Starlings and given them to his minions who are hiding in paintings spread all over the haunted mansion. Luigi hops in the magical paintings and retrieves the Starlings in order to defeat King Boo and save the Princess. During the journey, Luigi makes his way to more areas of the haunted mansion. When he finds out he has enough starlings, he goes into King Boo's final level. Once he makes his way through the long course, Luigi sees King Boo, and the two battle. When Luigi defeats King Boo, he gives up and hands him a Giant Starling, before he disappears. Luigi grabs the starling, and has been given the Wing Cap and flies away back to the mansion. As Luigi's Wing Cap disappears, he uses the Giant Starling to make Princess Peach appear. Peach wakes up and thanks Luigi, by giving him a kiss, and the cake she had promised before.

Note : 3/5

Year : 2015

Genre : Action

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