Hot Wheels: All Out

Hot Wheels: All Out - Game Boy Advance

Hot Wheels: All Out is a single and multiplayer racing game released for the Game Boy Advance in 2006. It's kind of a top-down racer in the old-school vein, but not quite, as the camera is actually at an angle. The game features 17 different Hot Wheels cars to choose from, and from there, you hit the tracks. Hot Wheels: All Out's four courses include the city, the jungle, snowy tundra and a volcano. The courses are also remixed for additional track layouts. Hot Wheels: All Out features about five individual racing modes. Standard races, a last-place eliminator and a beat-the-clock mode are included. Hot Wheels: All Out supports single and local multiplayer play.

Note : 2/5

Year : 2006

Genre : Racing

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