Megumi Rescue

Megumi Rescue - Sega Master System

Megumi Rescue lets you control a rescue party of three to save people from a burning building. The group consists of two people holding a jumping sheet, and a third fire fighter bouncing on the sheet to reach the building's inhabitants at the windows. The sheet can be moved left and right, and the jumper can enter a square with an open/smashed window for a few seconds. If there is a fire behind the window, it will be put out. If the room is empty, it will be searched, and to certain chance, an item will be dropped. If there are inhabitants in the room, the jumper will take one person with him, which will be rescued on reaching the sheet. The goal of each stage is to either rescue all inhabitants from the building, or put the fire out completely. You lose a life if the jumper hits the ground or his health is depleted. The latter happens when the fire spreads further in the building. If the fire reaches a room with inhabitants, one will panic and jump out of the window and needs to be caught with sheet. Otherwise, the person falls to his death. Several items will help you. A fire extinguisher refreshes your health, and a key will end the stage with success. A helicopter summons a flying ambulance. If the jumper holds on to it, the level is completed immediately and a bonus stage will be accessed.

Note : 0/5

Year : 1988

Genre : Action

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