Super Racing

Super Racing - Sega Master System

Super Racing is a Formula 1 racing game. There are two main game modes: Real mode (with the engine sounds only) and BMG mode (with background music during the races). After selecting the main mode, the player must choose a constructor. There are 6 different constructors, all based on real ones (e.g. Willivms instead of Williams, McRalen instead of McLaren and Fellali instead of Ferrari). Each constructor has two drivers, with names also resembling real driver ones (A. Semma, N. Nansell and N. Puquet, to name a few), but the player character can be named any way the player wants. After choosing one constructor, the player must then choose a class: practice, beginner, average or expert. Practice class will enable the player to choose any of the 18 circuits available. The other three classes will present a fixed selection of courses to be raced, with varying difficulty and number of laps per race. For each race, players can select the type of car: for hi-speed circuits or for technical ones. This will affect the car handling and top speed. Before each race, a practice lap must be played to determine the player's starting position. The game is played from a top-down perspective. The car moves only in the vertical direction (from bottom to top), with turns being up to 45° to the right or to the left (with 90° turns when the car leaves a 45° turn to enter another in the opposite direction). One button is used to accelerate, the other to change gears (low or high). Cars can take damage and the fuel supply is limited. Pit stops are required to fix car damage and to refuel.

Note : 0/5

Year : 1988

Genre : Racing

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