Apple Town Monogatari: Little Computer People

Apple Town Monogatari: Little Computer People - Nintendo NES

Apple Town Monogatari is an FDS adaptation of life simulator Little Computer People: a game created originally by David Crane and Activision for various home computers. Apple Town Monagatari's chief difference from the source material is a graphical overhaul designed to be more cutesy and anime-like, including various close-up cutscenes. The player has some degree of control over the lives of a little girl and her pet cat, interacting and playing games with them. Like Little Computer People, the game plays like a primitive version of The Sims. Though the character will take care of their own needs the player can cheer them up or provide activities for them to do, or simply watch their sophisticated (at the time) AI at work.

Note : 3/5

Year : 1987

Genre : Simulation

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