Babel no Tou

Babel no Tou - Nintendo NES

Babel no To (Tower of Babel) is a platform puzzle game in which the player controls Indiana Borgnine, an archaeologist in search of the air gardens of Babylon. The only path to the gardens lies through the intimidating sixty-four floors of the famous Tower of Babel. The hero must escape the various rooms of the biblical structure while collecting treasure. Each room is a separate puzzle, where the main objective is to pick up and stack L-shaped building blocks to construct stairs or bridges and reach the exit door. In each of these rooms, the player has a limited number of times that they can pick up these building blocks. The player must also avoid touching roaming enemies like flying bats, golems and the priest guards. When the explorer gets stuck or the level is made unsolvable by a series of wrong actions, a button can be used to kill the main character and reset the room.

Note : 0/5

Year : 1986

Genre : Puzzle game

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